12/8/2014 -  The "no frills" and ABBRx entry forms are available and located in the middle of the page under downloads & files.  The "no frills" will be located at a new venue, but still on the West side of the state, Crossfit Allendale is the spot.  I have come up with a certificate for those that are interested, that you can get for your State records.  I will try and post a pic of it!!!  
1/28/2015 - Join us on Facebook on Michigan USAPL page, we will update in both places about upcoming meets and news for Michigan Powerlifting.   We have our first meet of the year just 4 weeks away the "no frills" meet.  Then 3 weeks after that we have a new meet added to our Michigan schedule, the ABBRx Natural and Fit Day in Midland, MI at the Bullock Creek HS. That date is March 21st, the entry can be found on the calendar page. The State Meet results should be posted soon and the records will be updated, you should be able to find results on powerliftingwatch.com as well.  Any questions please email me: DrMRuelan@comcast.net.   

1/13/2015 -  We have all the dates set for year!!!   There will be 6 Michigan Meets which will feature the new weight classes.  Those classes are: women(lb): 94, 103, 114, 125, 138, 158, 185, SHW and the men (lb): 116, 130, 145, 163, 182, 205, 231, 264, SHW.   Any records that fall into the new weight classes will be carried over accordingly. 

1/7/2015 -  Welcome to the new USAPL Michigan page layout!  The entry form links are now on the "Calendar" page to tidy things up.  Not everything has been moved over at this point.  Because of this, we have a link to the "Old WebPage" until we get things totally migrated.  New features are also still under construction.  There is also a link to our FaceBook page too.